How Much Did Dustin Johnson Make From Liv Golf?


How Much Did Dustin Johnson Make From Liv Golf?

The PGA Tour has clarified that sanctions will be imposed against the LIV Golf Invitational, but no specifics have been released. With two major championships under his belt – the 2016 U.S. Open and the 2020 Masters – Dustin Johnson has plenty of opportunities to make even more money with LIV Golf. In an eight-game slate for 2022, $170 million will be at stake.

Dustin Johnson‘s $74 million in prize money ranks third all-time.

Despite his reputation for being physically gifted, Dustin Johnson’s $74 million from the Liv Championship in China ranks third all-time in prize money. Although he has won numerous tournaments, such as the World Series of Golf, he has never won a major event. This has led to numerous near-misses and has been included in the “greatest gamers never to win a major” discussion. The controversy surrounding his prize money has fueled speculation about his potential return to the PGA Tour.

According to Sportico’s list, Dustin Johnson’s prize money from the Liv ranked third all-time, including off-course earnings and appearances. Among other things, he made $16 million from off-course appearances, including Adidas, TaylorMade, and Hublot endorsements. In addition, he banked a seven-figure look price for a tournament in Saudi Arabia.

Greg Norman offered Dustin Johnson up to US$125 million to join LIV Golf.

The LIV Golf rumor mill is awash with headlines. Tiger Woods recently addressed the LIV Golf series. And LIV’s CEO Greg Norman called Rory McIlroy out for his negative comments about the series. Rory McIlroy has repeatedly slammed LIV Golf, calling it “dead in the water.” He took the opportunity to blast Mickelson for calling the new LIV Golf players “a bunch of losers.”

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But how does Dustin Johnson react to the rumors? The PGA Tour is the biggest loser from this. If Dustin Johnson plays for LIV Golf, the PGA Tour loses. After all, RBC plastered his likeness all over its signage and promotional material for the Canadian Open. But what if LIV Golf offered Dustin Johnson US$125 million?

Dustin Johnson accepted

Previously, Tiger Woods had turned down an offer from LIV Golf after receiving billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. However, Johnson accepted a contract with the new golf league, sponsored by the Saudi royal family. Johnson is currently scheduled to compete in London, where the LIV Golf Invitational Series will be played from June 9 to 11.

The deal includes an exemption from the majors, which Johnson will need to play in the event. LIV Golf has a 30-page PDF that shows the payout structure. The last-place finisher will earn $120,000, while the winner will collect $4 million – more than double what the typical PGA Tour winner takes home. LIV has also been consistent in its disciplinary actions, including Johnson’s six-month suspension in 2014.


Whether you agree with the LIV Golf Invitational or not, you must have wondered how much money Dustin Johnson made in the LIV Golf Invitational Series. The Saudi-backed golf league has paid Dustin Johnson $125 million to join their team. He reportedly resigned from his PGA Tour career after the deal’s announcement. The news was followed by a backlash from the PGA Tour, which threatened to ban the star golfer for his role in the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

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Greg Norman, the CEO of LIV, announced that the league would feature golfers in 54-hole tournaments. This inaugural event will feature 18 of the top-ranked players in the world and established veterans. Johnson had previously said he was sticking with the PGA Tour, but a report in The Telegraph of London says he was paid $125 million to be a part of the new series. He is one of the headliners of the first LIV Golf event and could earn an additional US$150 million.


While a former PGA Tour member, Dustin Johnson, has announced his resignation after winning the LIV Golf Invitational Series. The Saudi-backed league offers a $25 million purse supported by Dustin Johnson’s bonuses. Johnson received $125 million for joining, but other players likely received bonuses from Liv. Some other players to resign from the PGA Tour are Sergio Garcia, Kevin Na, Louis Oosthuizen, Brandt Grace, and Charl Schwartzel.

While Dustin Johnson’s bonus from LIV Golf may not seem like much, it is significant, representing half of his earnings to date. LIV offers guaranteed minimum payouts of $120,000 to the winning team and $4 million for the individual winner. As such, it is difficult to argue with this kind of commitment. LIV is a major financial investment in the future of golf, and Dustin Johnson’s bonuses from Liv are a sign of that.

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