How Much Do Professional Soccer Players Make?


How Much Do Professional Soccer Players Make?


In a recent study, Vouchercloud, a discount code website owned by Groupon, compared the salaries of professional soccer players to the average national salary. Sporting Intelligence and the World Bank provided data for these comparisons. China, for example, had the largest pay gap among players compared to the average citizen, with professional soccer players earning more than 160 times what average citizens earn. Nevertheless, the pay gap is not so stark everywhere.

Average salary

While salaries for soccer players vary widely, the average wage in the United States is comparatively high compared to other countries. In Europe, the average salary is about a quarter of that in the United States. This may seem small, but soccer players earn more than other sports. In the United States, soccer players earn between $14,441 and $384,204 a year. In contrast, the average salary for players in the English third division, League One, is only PS1,700.

Players are paid nearly $4 million in the English Premier League. In South Africa, a soccer player earns anywhere from $7,000 to $8,500 per month. In the National Women’s Soccer League, salaries for players are around $15,750, with a cap of $44,000 per player. In all, salaries for professional soccer players are higher than in any other major sport. However, there is a big pay gap between the two, with players in China earning 160 times more than average citizens.

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Some teams award huge bonuses to their players for different achievements. The Premier League is the most popular example, with players receiving bonuses for winning leagues, scoring goals, and making appearances. Some clubs even give players extra bonuses after major awards, making them more valuable on the open market. The exact details of these bonuses are rarely public, but there are a few common patterns that all players share. The bottom half of the Premier League will usually pay out extra win/draw bonuses, while teams in the Championship will award PS8 million to players who reach the play-offs but fail to win promotion.

Some players can receive bonuses for appearances, such as starting half of a match or scoring three goals. The clubs usually fixed the amount but can vary based on the player’s status. A player in the youth team can receive a bonus for making the first-team squad. Players can also get bonuses for winning the World Cup or even qualifying for the Olympics. In any case, bonuses are a sign of loyalty and can be a good way to keep motivated to improve your performance.

The average salary in Major League Soccer

While MLS salaries fluctuate, they are consistently at the field’s top. In the latest league season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic made $7.2 million, breaking the record set by a man in the same position last year. However, the average base salary for a senior roster player is $398,725 – a staggering sum by any standards. Interestingly, designated players count only partially toward a team’s salary cap.

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Toronto FC spent $17 million on the payroll in 2018. The MLS salary guide is up to date through April 15, 2021. Toronto FC, for instance, has signed Kemar Lawrence and Yeferson Soteldo after the April 15 cutoff, which should put them above Miami. Vancouver’s salary is the lowest in MLS, while Austin FC’s expansion side is third with $9.3 million. Other teams that spent over $10 million on salaries this season included the Philadelphia Union, Houston Dynamo, and Colorado Rapids.

The average salary in English Premier League

The average salary of professional soccer players in the English Premier League is significantly higher than those earning in other leagues. Premier League players earn PS1.7 million annually, while Championship and League One players earn PS314,250. However, players in League Two are paid only PS40,350 per year on average. Nevertheless, these figures are considerably above average wages in the United Kingdom.

While wages in the English Premier League are significantly higher than in other European and Asian leagues, this does not mean that it is not equitable. As mentioned, players’ salaries in the English Premier League are significantly higher than those in lower leagues. The average salary of a player in the Championship is between PS7,500 and PS8,500 a week, while the average salary of a player in League One is around PS1,300.

The average salary in European leagues

While the average salary of a professional soccer player is significantly lower than that of players in the American or British leagues, the salaries in Europe are astronomical. Players in the English Premier League earn $4 million per season with lucrative endorsement deals. Players in the Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A earn an average of about $2 million each. This is considerably higher than those in their respective countries’ third divisions.

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In the Italian league, Juventus has won seven consecutive titles and seems set to dominate the league for the foreseeable future. Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined Juventus from Real Madrid in the summer of 2018, earns a staggering EUR565,000 per week. Juve’s wealth is unparalleled in the league, and the club leads the pack in terms of income, with players earning an average of $298 per week. However, the money for the Italian league doesn’t stop there.



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