Israel Adesanya – UFC Middleweight Champion


Israel Adesanya – UFC Middleweight Champion

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya

After winning a rematch against former champion Robert Whittaker at UFC 271, Israel Adesanya is now the world’s middleweight champion. The Cameroonian recently met with UFC President Dana White to discuss his future and what He wants from the sport. Let’s look at His professional record and look at His rivalry with Anderson Silva.

Israel Adesanya

After two successful defenses of the U.F.C Middleweight title, Israel Adesanya has moved up to light heavyweight, vying for the 205-pound strap against Jan Blachowicz. While the fight will not be the focus of history, Adesanya is ready for the challenge. His main strength is Adesanya’s ability to bend and reach far above his opponents.

Whittaker: Adesanya has a perfect record against Whittaker, having won all but one of his fights. Adesanya won three straight fights and has never been beaten by Whittaker. Israel Adesanya: Until now. With his fourth straight win, Israel Adesanya has been unbeaten in MMA, and Whittaker’s only defeat came in a loss in 2017.

Israeli Adesanya: The reigning UFC Middleweight Champion defeated former champion Robert Whittaker in the main event of UFC 271 last month. Adesanya is a Nigerian-born New Zealander and ranks third in the UFC’s men’s pound-for-pound rankings. Adesanya began his UFC career against Rob Wilkinson in UFC 221, where he won via technical knockout. He then moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where he began training with City Kickboxing.

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His MMA record

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is one of the most dominant strikers in UFC history. He has successfully defended his Middleweight title 10 times and has dominated opponents with devastating strikes. He’s set a record by winning his first 16 fights by KO/TKO. His unbeaten record is unmatched among UFC Middleweight champions. His MMA record is also one of the best of all time.

He’s one of the few fighters in UFC history to have only one loss, which came against the legendary Anderson Silva. His most famous finisher is the left knee to the midsection but later switched to the left body kick. He’s also a skilled grappler with the left overhand and hooks, which have helped him win numerous titles. He’s also coached for the UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter 2” show and has won over a dozen MMA fights.

His rivalry with Anderson Silva

There’s no doubt that Israel Adesanya’s rivalry against Anderson Silva is one to watch. Both have impressive resumes and are battling for the UFC middleweight title. However, Anderson Silva is currently the GOAT of the middleweight division, with Adesanya’s 11 wins coming at 185 pounds. This rivalry is likely to continue for quite some time.

When Silva won the middleweight division, he was dominant and had a dominating presence. But after three rounds against Israel Adesanya, the Brazilian showed that he’s not quite as dominant as Silva. Despite this, Adesanya put on a striker’s clinic and proved his superiority in striking. While Silva had the edge in the striking game, Adesanya landed many punches with a superior technique.

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Anderson Silva and Israel Adesanya’s rivalry was spawned when the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) tried to use Silva as a stepping stone for Adesanya. Instead, Silva was allowed to showcase his talent more visibly. Adesanya beat Silva in the main event of UFC 234 and vaulted into the middleweight pantheon.

His next opponent

After knocking out Robert Whittaker in the rematch, Israel Adesanya has already decided on his next opponent. Jared Cannonier defeated Derek Anderson on the undercard, and Tai Tuivasa dominated Derrick Lewis on the main card. After taking Lewis down in the opening round, Tuivasa dropped him with a vicious elbow, leaving him in a heap in the second round. With this win, Adesanya is on a five-fight winning streak, and his next opponent is one of the many he may face.

Whittaker has already fought a few top middleweights, but Adesanya’s next opponent is a different story. The UFC has already crowned him lightweight, and he has fought Adesanya twice before, so Whittaker may not be the best choice for the title. However, Whittaker will need some time to recover from his loss. He will probably want to fight a top contender before facing him again.



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