The Top 9 most popular sports in Canada 2021 are listed below:

The Top 9 most popular sports in Canada 2021 are listed below:

The Top 9 most popular sports in Canada 2021

What are the most popular sports in Canada, and why are they so popular?

A third of the Canadian population is actively engaged in professional sports, which range from the National Hockey League (a popular activity) to golf and electronic sports (e-sports) to Esports.

A total of more than 1.3 million Canadians actively participate in recreational ice hockey games, which further contributes to the popularity of this deeply ingrained sport in the country’s culture.

Sports are not only a popular pastime in the United States, but they are also a means of recreation in the North American country, Canada.

International competitions in a variety of sporting activities provide possibilities for the country to compete against the rest of the world in numerous sports.


The Top 9 most popular sports in Canada are as follows:



9. Golfing Activities in Canada


It was in the 15th century that golf was first introduced in Canada, and it has since achieved widespread recognition and appreciation throughout the country.

Canada is home to a number of professional golfers who continue to entertain spectators with their antics.

In Canada, there are more than 100 golf courses to choose from.

Canadian Open and other top-ranked tournaments, which attract some of the sport’s biggest personalities to the country, help to raise awareness of the sport among the general public.


8) Basketball Sports in Canada 

For basketball fans in Canada, the year 2019 has been absolutely great.

Its domestic basketball club, the Toronto Raptors, which is based in Toronto, overcame the Golden State Warriors, who were considered to be unbreakable, to win the NBA title.

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Because to the exploits of the Toronto Raptors, around 15.9 million Canadians, or 44 percent of the country’s population, tuned in to watch the NBA finals on television.

Canadian basketball players compete in a variety of international basketball tournaments, including the FIBA Basketball World Cup and the summer Olympics, on the world stage.

Despite the fact that the sport’s originator, James Naismith, was born in Canada, basketball is the country’s eighth most popular sport.



7.Rugby Rugby – Popular Sport in Canada

Since the Royal Navy introduced rugby union and rugby league to the country in 1823, the sports have continued to grow in popularity across the country.

There are around 29,000 rugby players in the country of Canada.

Canadian rugby is ranked second in the world, according to the International Rugby Board (IRB).

Several domestic events, such as the Canadian Rugby Championship, as well as international tournaments, such as the Americas Rugby Championship, have elevated rugby to the forefront of the sporting world.

The rugby union alone draws a large number of junior players and up to 13,000 senior players from all around the country.

This has contributed significantly to the sport’s becoming a relatively popular sport in Canada.


6. Soccer

Sоссer is the sixth mоst рорulаr sроrt in Саnаdа.  Sоссer is the mоst рорulаr sроrt in the wоrld, with fаns in every соuntry оn every соntinent.

Sоссer gаmes eliсit strоng feelings оf раssiоn аnd emоtiоn, whiсh mаy be witnessed in Саnаdа.

The histоry оf sоссer, оn the оther hаnd, саn be trасed bасk tо 1876, when the first sоссer mаtсh wаs рlаyed.

Sinсe then, Саnаdа hаs рrоgressed tо the роint thаt it is а legitimаte сhаllenger in internаtiоnаl sоссer events.

Саnаdiаn рrоfessiоnаl sоссer рlаyers tоtаled аррrоximаtely 2,695,712 in 2006, ассоrding tо the FIFА, the wоrld sоссer gоverning bоdy.

Sinсe then, the number оf рeорle раrtiсiраting in the sроrt hаs inсreаsed, mаking it оne оf the mоst рорulаr in the соuntry.

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Sоссer is the mоst рорulаr sроrt in the regiоn in terms оf раrtiсiраtiоn rаte, аnd it is аlsо the mоst exрensive.

Sоссer is рlаyed in Саnаdа in the Саnаdiаn Рremier Leаgue аnd Mаjоr Leаgue Sоссer, аs well аs in the Саnаdiаn Sоссer Leаgue.

The Саnаdiаn Sоссer Аssосiаtiоn is in сhаrge оf the sроrt’s аdministrаtiоn.


5. Cricket

The sport of cricket, which has roots in Canada dating back to 1892, is one of the country’s fastest-growing sports.

In Canada, there are approximately 40,000 cricketers.

That number is continuing to rise as additional domestic cricket events, such as the National T20 Championship and Scotia Shield U-19, are established, attracting more people to participate in competitive sports in the process.


4. Baseball

Baseball is a widely practiced sport. Baseball is a popular sport in Canada, and it doesn’t require any introduction.

Several stars of baseball’s highest level, the Major League Baseball (MLB), can trace their ancestors back to their homeland of Canada.

Baseball games in Canada, aside from those played in Major League Baseball, draw a large number of fans as well as participants and players.

Baseball Canada announced that the sport drew around 120,000 participants in 2016, representing a considerable increase over the previous year’s figure.

In spite of the increasing excitement surrounding the sports, that figure is increasing.


3. Football in Canada (number three)

‘Canadian Football’ is a term used to describe a sport that originates in Canada and is played mostly by Canadians.

Canadian football is a type of gridiron football in which two teams, each consisting of twelve players, compete against each other.

Football has evolved through time from its origins in rugby football in the early 1860s to become what we know today as Canadian football.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is the country’s premier professional football league, and Football Canada oversees amateur football competitions across the country.

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Interestingly, the CFL championship game is one of the most watched sporting events in Canada, with millions of people tuning in to watch it on television.

According to a report published in 2014, approximately 33 percent of the Canadian population tuned in to watch the Grey Cup game.

While the sport is played at a semi-professional level in the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), it is also played at the high school, junior, and collegiate levels in the United States and elsewhere.

2. The Sport of Cricket in Canada

The popular sport, which dates all the way back to 1803, has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

Cricket, which is played by over a million Australians, attracted around 4 million viewers in 2015 when Australia overcame New Zealand to win the Cricket World Cup.

Additionally, the sports have a high level of domestic involvement, which contributes to cricket’s appeal in Australia.


1. The sport of ice hockey

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, according to Wikimedia Commons.

With Canada’s environment, ice hockey is a popular activity to participate in as well as to follow at the highest levels of the sport’s development and progression.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional ice hockey league that has seven clubs, notably Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Montreal, and Calgary. The NHL is watched by the majority of Canadians.

Approximately 68 percent of the Canadian population tuned in to watch the NHL playoffs in 2018.

This fact serves to further cement ice hockey’s position as the most popular sport in Canada.



Concluding Remarks

That concludes our list of the top ten most popular sports in Canada at the moment.

In Canada, sporting activities are not devoid of the emotions and good times that are typically associated with them.

Which sports did you think should have been included on this list, but weren’t?

Please share it with us in the comments box below. Thank you for your time.


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