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Top 10 Fastest UFC Knockouts in History

Top 10 Fastest UFC Knockouts In History

We have all seen the quick, spectacular knockouts in the UFC, but which were the fastest? This article will discuss the fastest UFC knockouts of all time. These fighters include Chan Sung Jung, Gray Maynard, and Duane “Bang” Ludwig. These are just a few greats that have shocked the MMA world with their quick strikes.

Chan Sung Jung

There have been a handful of notable fast knockouts in the UFC, but few stand out as the best. While most of these have occurred in the heavyweight or lightweight division, some were fou, fought with fists and feet. These knockouts are memorable for several reasons, and some of them will remain forever in the memory of UFC fans.

Duane “Bang” Ludwig


The fastest UFC knockout happened in 2006 when Ludwig dominated Jonathan Goulet by finishing the fight in six seconds. Although the official time was eleven seconds, the UFC has not always recognized the official time. In 2011 UFC President Dana White acknowledged that the knockout was faster than that. Duane Ludwig has not been knocked out since 2006, but he still holds the record for the fastest UFC knockout in history.

Gray Maynard

Gray Maynard

While MMA is known for its brutality, it is also a brutal sport where fighters often leave the ring badly damaged. The punishment they take lasts for years, but fighters are grossly underpaid. It is no wonder that they struggle to make ends meet. Gray Maynard spent more than a decade clawing his way up to the top. He tells The Body Lock about his journey to the top and the famous Frankie Edgar trilogy.

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Conor McGregor

The thirteen-second knockout by Conor McGregor against Jose Aldo has become famous in the UFC, but his knockout does not make our list. Another UFC fighter who doesn’t make a list is Gray Maynard, who won the Ultimate Fighter competition and fought against Joe Veres. Although Maynard is not a famous UFC fighter, he has performed a few incredible knockouts.

Makwan Amirkhani

One of the fastest knockouts in UFC history was achieved by Gray Maynard, who stopped Joe Veres in under 10 seconds. The fight ended four minutes and 51 seconds into the first round. Amirkhani made his UFC debut in 2015 when he fought Andy Ogle, a fighter who had a four-fight losing streak. He stunned Ogle with a flying knee and dropped him with an uppercut. The knockout was so impressive that Amirkhani stopped the fight after a second-round and retired from MMA.

Andy Ogle

Throughout its history, the UFC has seen plenty of quick knockouts. Despite the heavyweight and lightweight divisions, there have been plenty of quick knockouts using both feet and fists. This article will examine some of the fastest knockouts in UFC history. A few of the fights that made our list even came from the dark ages of the UFC.

Don Frye


In 1996, Don Frye stunned Thomas Ramirez by knocking him out in just eight seconds. James Irvin also knocked out Houston Alexander in eight seconds. And Chan Sung Jung, known for his incredible finishes, knocked out Mark Hominick in seven seconds at UFC 140. In addition to knocking out opponents in less than two minutes, these fighters also have one of the fastest KOs in UFC history.

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Jorge Masvidal

If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts, you may have heard of Jorge Masvidal’s five-second knockout of Ben Askren in UFC 239 in January 2019. The “Gamebred” is known for his wrestling skills, and the fight was a major undercard for Masvidal. However, despite his mediocre MMA career, Masvidal’s flying knee is an infamous move. This KO is so brutal that it was considered one of the fastest in UFC history, cementing his legend.

Mark Hominick

There have been tons of fast knockouts in the UFC. They don’t just happen in the heavyweight and lightweight divisions. Some have occurred using fists and feet. There are even some that occurred in the dark ages of the UFC. So what made them so fast? This list contains some of the fastest knockouts in UFC history.



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