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What Are the Most Attractive Sports a Guy Can Play?

What are the most attractive sports a guy can play

If you want to impress your man, you should try playing a sport he enjoys. Football, rugby, and weightlifting are great choices. These games are incredibly exciting and provide plenty of opportunities for you to meet your future partner. Rugby has more honorable sportsmanship than football, and players often shake hands and take opponents out for a pint after a game. It’s not just football that has a lot of testosterone, though.


Football has some of the sexiest male athletes but rarely does it offer any sexy spectacle during a game. But rugby, a sport that focuses on upper-body activation, has some of the sexiest athletes. While rugby rarely provides a sexy spectacle during a game, male athletes in rowing are notoriously sexy.

The University of Zurich study looked at cyclists, but similar results were found in other sports. For example, Tom Brady, the most successful quarterback in NFL history, is extremely attractive and has the physique of a Ralph Lauren model. And his wife is a literal supermodel! That’s probably not an accident. The study also uncovered a connection between football players and women.


Men who engage in weightlifting are at a distinct advantage over their counterparts, as it creates muscular mass in the male body – a trait that women find appealing. While tennis players are renowned for their intense concentration and their sexy physiques, weightlifting is a sport that men can enjoy as well. Exercise also improves sex, with improved erections and orgasms a direct result.

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Track and field

The attraction to athletic men is a natural result of our evolutionary heritage. We evolved to seek strong partners who could provide strength and vigor for our romantic relationships. In a recent study by the University of Zurich, researchers rated the attractiveness of 80-Tour de France cyclists. The fastest cyclists were deemed the most attractive. This may be because early hominids aimed to enhance their endurance performance.


One of the things that make rugby one of the most attractive sports for guys is the culture of respect and rivalry it has. As a result, more girls are becoming interested in rugby. Two out of every ten women who play rugby have a boyfriend. And this is no surprise! It’s a tough game, but it develops a guy’s confidence and resilience.

The other attraction of rugby is that a man who plays it must have a certain type of woman who’s interested in him. As a result, rugby players need to be straight or gay. It’s not easy to find a guy who has a straight sexual orientation, so it’s not a problem to date one. It’s just a matter of knowing how to approach him.

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