What Happens With the Four Remaining Cases Against Deshaun Watson?


Deshaun Watson to Meet With NFL Investigators in Four Sexual Misconduct Cases

The first question at Deshaun Watson’s introductory news conference on March 25 was whether he planned to settle the lawsuits. At that time, Watson denied all efforts to settle. On Tuesday, he reversed his position. According to attorney Tony Buzbee, 20 of the 24 lawsuits against Watson have been settled. But four cases remain on track to proceed to trial next year.

Deshaun Watson’s lawyer argues he’s being wrongly accused

Deshaun Watson’s lawyers argue that the case against him is without merit. The original answer filed by Watson’s lawyers states that the allegations against him are unfounded, based on the fact that the plaintiffs merely “bragged” about him and offered to work with him after certain incidents. Three accusers lied about the number of sessions they had with Watson, while five lied about alleged trauma and the harm they suffered.

Although Watson’s legal team will not press criminal charges against him, the NFL will continue to punish him as a result of the allegations. In May, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he would punish Watson by sending letters to each of the accusers. The league is preparing to issue further punishments to Watson, but officials have so far refused to comment.

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He’s yet to meet with NFL investigators

Even though he has settled 20 of the 24 sexual misconduct cases filed against him, quarterback Deshaun Watson has yet to meet with NFL investigators in the four remaining cases. The NFL and NFLPA have mutually appointed disciplinary officers to oversee the case. If he does, the punishment will be decided by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Watson has met with NFLPA investigators in the past but has yet to meet with NFL investigators in the cases. If Watson does meet with NFL investigators next week, it will be unprecedented in the league’s history.

The four remaining cases against Watson are sexual assault and harassment. Watson has asked the NFL for a trade, but the Texans have not agreed. The team says Watson will be able to continue training camp without restriction. Watson is facing potential suspension due to violations of the league’s conduct policy. The NFL did not specify what kind of punishment would be imposed.

He’s not been arrested

NFL investigators have interviewed Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson for the past few days, speaking with at least 11 accusers. While the Texans and Watson have not confirmed the details of their interviews, the disciplinary committee will present their findings to Sue L. Robinson, a former federal judge who will decide if Watson will be disciplined. Watson has not been arrested in the remaining four cases.

Although he hasn’t been arrested in the remaining four cases against him, the prosecutors haven’t publicly stated which charges they will file against Watson. In the meantime, Watson’s legal team is confident that the former football player is free. They have allowed him to testify in depositions relating to 22 civil cases. However, they have not filed any criminal charges against him, and Watson’s lawyers say the remaining four cases are not serious enough to warrant an arrest.

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He’s been sued in 24 civil lawsuits

According to reports, Deshaun Watson has been sued in 24 separate civil lawsuits over sexual misconduct. He has reportedly settled out of court with 20 different women. However, the settlements are confidential, and cases are dismissed once they are settled out of court. The lawsuits are also disturbing since Watson recently signed a $230 million contract with the Cleveland Browns, an NFL record. However, it is still unclear if Watson will face any charges for sexual misconduct based on the recent allegations.

During his March 25 news conference, Watson denied settling the cases. He also denied the existence of any ongoing investigations involving him or any of his clients. However, he changed his tune on Tuesday. Buzbee said the terms of the settlements are confidential and he will not comment on any of those cases that remain open for settlement. However, four of the lawsuits remain pending and are likely to go to trial.

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