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What is the Lowest-Paid Position in the NFL?

What isThe LowestPaid Position in NFL

Read on if you’re wondering what the lowest-paid position is in the NFL. From fullback to long snapper to special teams specialist, you’ll learn what it takes to become an NFL player. The median income for these positions is $616000. These positions pay a lot but aren’t as well-known as the other positions in the NFL. Below, we’ll look at how much these players make on average.

Long snapper

The long snapper is one of the least-paid positions in the NFL. This position is unique because it only requires one player to perform one task – snapping the ball. They do not play defense or offense and only snap the ball on extra points, field goals, and punts. The snapper then passes the ball to the punter, who catches it chest-high and kicks it downfield.

The NFL’s pay scale is based on years of experience. A long snapper with five years of experience might get paid more than a rookie wide receiver. In addition, a rookie wide receiver might make the rookie scale. That’s because the rookie wide receiver receives a bonus based on his draft position, which largely affects the pay of fullbacks.

Running back

Running backs earn the lowest salaries in the NFL. In addition to being in the least-valued position in the league, they are also the most likely to sustain injuries. That’s why running backs are signing conservative contracts this off-season. While they once accounted for 40 percent of all plays, NFL teams are now using fullbacks on only 11 percent. That means teams don’t need to pay fullbacks as much as they once did. The low compensation results from the increasing number of teams relying on passing plays.

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As NFL free agency begins Tuesday, players can expect their teams to lavish the best players in league with huge contracts. In light of this, fans should be aware of the breakdown of salaries among players at various positions. This way, they can compare the salaries of the highest, lowest, and middle-paid players. After all, it is easy to see the difference between low and high-paid players. If you’re curious about the minimum salary for a running back in the NFL, you can read this article.

Special teams specialist

While NFL analysts and coaches focus on the offense and defense, it’s easy to overlook the importance of special teams. Many teams forego this position until the draft, and specialized players make significantly less than their counterparts on offense or defense. No special teams specialist makes more than $5 million per season. So, how do you make more than $5 million a season as a special teams specialist?

The most expensive individual player on special teams is the kicker. NFL teams pay 13 kickers more than $3 million a year, with Stephen Gostkowski and Mason Crosby topping the list. Other highly-paid special teams players include Sebastian Janikowski, who was drafted by the Raiders in 2000, and Justin Tucker, who joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 2010. Aguayo earned $3 million per year in his first four years, and Mike Nugent is penciled in as the starting corner for Arizona.


The NFL does not pay its rookies more than the rest of the team. The pay scale is based on years of experience. A long snapper with five years of experience will probably be paid more than a rookie wide receiver. However, rookie wide receivers are not necessarily worth the rookie salary of $805k. While it is not uncommon for rookies to be paid more than their senior teammates, it is not always the case.

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The rookie wage scale is tied to the overall salary cap, so any increases in rookie salaries are directly related to the growth of the salary cap. The salary cap has increased by $25.7 million this year, making signing bonuses go up by one percent for a second consecutive year. In addition, the NFL and NFLPA agreed to borrow money from future rookie wage scales in order to pay the corresponding bonuses. Rookies have a limited amount of negotiable items. They have a signing bonus, base salary, roster bonus, reporting bonus, workout bonus, and select incentives. The rookie wage scale prohibits salary escalators, so the majority of rookies receive signing bonuses.

Players with multi-year deals

In 2017, the average salary for a player in the NFL was $2.7 million. Compared to this, the average salary for NBA players and MLB players is around $4 million a year. This statistic is a big surprise considering the high salaries for players on the other teams. Players on the lowest-paid positions in the NFL are often not even given the opportunity to negotiate contract terms. While many players opt to sign multi-year contracts, others may only get a one-year deal.

The NFL has also been known for paying players poorly in the past, and this trend continues in today’s market. According to Spotrac, a player’s potential out-year is included in the contract table, which delineates what the player should expect in the coming years. The lowest-paid position in the NFL is quarterback, with less than half of quarterbacks and tight ends making under $15 million.

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Minimum salary

The NFL rookie minimum salary is $375,000, which covers the regular season and all postseason games. The playoff games are a bonus for players, so they will most likely not contribute much to the postseason. In 2011, the rookie minimum salary was $375,000, which is nine times the average salary of an American worker. The league’s minimum salary will continue to rise in coming years, so it’s important to stay on top of salary demands and negotiate for raises.

The lowest-paid position in the NFL is wide receiver. The average salary of a wide receiver is $480,000 per season. This is the lowest salary of any position in the NFL. Even the most expensive players are barely scratching the surface of their income. A starting rookie will make $435,000, which is still well above the national average for an average salary. However, that salary isn’t enough to pay players who haven’t made it past their rookie year.

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