Who Was The Winner ofThe Game Between Liverpool With Real Madrid?


Who was the winner of the game between Liverpool with Real Madrid?

It’s a game packed with tension. Both teams have taken silverware this season, however, the Reds have missed their chance to win winning the Premier League against Manchester City. In contrast, Los Blancos have won the LaLiga Santander. Los Blancos won the LaLiga Santander with just a few games remaining. What team will prevail in this match? There are four players you must be watching: Ancelotti, Courtois, Mane, Benzema, and Sergio Ramos.


Carlo Ancelotti won the game between Liverpool and Manchester City. Carlo Ancelotti is the Italian director is also the best manager in Champions League history. In the 10 previous matches with Jurgen Klopp, the Italian has been successful three times. His team has had six wins in Champions League games, three Premier League matches, and one FA Cup match. Although they trailed 3-4 in the first match in the first leg against Manchester City, Ancelotti’s team was able to win the match 6-5 overall.

The first half was an iconic Ancelotti match. Real Madrid dominated the opening exchanges but Liverpool was able to withstand Real’s stress. Ancelotti’s team scored an impressive opener when Dani Carvajal set up Federico Valverde on the right. Valverde’s cross was smashed over the back of the post, but Alex Alexander-Arnold couldn’t grasp the ball. The ball appeared to bounce off Alexander-Arnold’s form, and then into the goal’s open area.

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Thibaut Courtois produced an impressive game in the match against Real Madrid in the Champions League final. The goalkeeper kept Real Madrid in the game by making nine saves. The game was an exciting one from start to finish and the goalkeeper’s bravery was crucial. While Liverpool was the dominant team in their possession Real Madrid posed a threat from the back. Salah’s goal ended up being saved by Thibaut Courtois after he speeded through Ferland Mendy.

The Champions League final ended in an 0-0 draw, in which Real Madrid and Thibaut Courtois received MVP awards for their superb performance. The goalkeeper prevented Liverpool from scoring in the last and helped the Reds to win their 14th Champions League title. Courtois has been instrumental in his team’s victory at Liverpool and has made him a sought-after athlete within the English Premier League. After a remarkable campaign at Liverpool, Courtois will be looking to guide the Reds to their next phase.


Even with the goal, Mane isn’t satisfied with his performance and will think that he needs to improve his game next time. It’s a great goal that will secure his first victory in the Champions League, but what do you think of his other goals? It will be fascinating to find out what happens when the Reds have a late blip. Mane scores seven times in the five most recent games, which includes the brace he scored during his debut game in the English Premier League.

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In a rare display, Sadio Mane had the opportunity to win his place in the Ballon d’Or with top performance. He was close to clinching it in the opening half but Courtois kept his efforts in check. He was well-coordinated in midfield, but he was not able to replicate his treble from the final in 2018. This is the one game Mane is happy with. Mane could be playing his last game for Liverpool.


Karim the Benzema was quiet in his performance with Liverpool at the end of Saturday’s game however the Frenchman was a star in the season at Real Madrid. He scored a record-breaking 27 goals, and added 12 assists over 32 La Liga games, finishing the season in first place for goals as well as second on assists. Benzema has also been credited with 15 goals during the Champions League, with 10 of them coming in the knockout stages. Benzema is currently the leading contender to win the 2022 Ballon d’Or award and is likely to be a participant for France in the World Cup for France this November.

Following a lengthy VAR investigation, Karim Benzema appeared to score the opener of the match but was found to be offside. Liverpool’s midfielder Fabinho was the final person to make contact with the ball before Benzema scored, which is why the goal was judged not to have been offside. But Benzema’s strike was the goal that won the game.



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