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Will Trey Lance Have a Breakout Season in 2022?

Will Trey Lance Have a Breakout Season in 2022

Will Trey Lance have a breakout season in a league where quarterbacks are rewarded for their ability to lead their teams to a Super Bowl victory? The offensive scheme and talent surrounding him are two factors that could push Lance to another level. If Sam Darnold was in a better organization, he might have had the same success, but he couldn’t have gotten that far without Andy Reid and the talented trio of Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. The Jets’ coaching staff and personnel decisions have also raised Lance’s projections, but the overall talent and leadership surrounding him will play a big role.

Etienne Etienne could be a breakout target for Deshaun Watson.

If you need a wide receiver, Etienne may be the perfect fit. The former Duke star was a full participant in minicamp this year and quickly flashed his athleticism and raw talent. His college career is impressive, as was his production with the Blue Devils. While Robinson is expected to return for training camp, Etienne will likely get a lot of touches.

Another interesting youngster who could be an excellent target for Watson in 2022 is Tim Patrick, a 25-year-old flex player who moonlights as a running back. He received a gaudy contract extension, but he’ll cost less than Sutton. While he’s not quite as good as Sutton, Patrick has had a borderline-great production over the past two seasons. Another intriguing prospect is Will Fuller, who was born to catch 60-yard missiles from Patrick Mahomes. However, he’d settle for Aaron Rodgers if it were possible.

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London is still the undisputed No. 1 wide receiver.

Despite his injury-shortened 2018 season, Atlanta’s top wide receiver prospect is still one year away from breaking through the league’s elite level. Last season, the Falcons drafted Kyle Pitts, a two-way star who was an elite college tight end and wideout. Pitts was a first-round pick and put up over 1,000 yards in his rookie season. While the Falcons will surely have to find a way to replace Pitts, London will be the undisputed No. 1 wide receiver in 2022.

Despite his small size, London shows a great deal of athleticism. He is a good runner when he has the ball in his hands and uses his athleticism to fight through contact. London also shows surprising agility as a runner. He can pick up chunk yardage when he makes an easy catch or extends to plunk the ball out of the air. He also shows good field awareness and can block outside effectively.

Lawrence is still a top fantasy RB

As a rookie, Trey Lance has a lot of upsides. He’s a capable blocker, can gain yards after contact, and the Vikings have a deep, talented receiving corps. That makes him a fringe QB1 this season and a potential stud in 2022 fantasy. Lance could be a good pick in the late rounds of drafts and could become a big sleeper in fantasy football.

In the meantime, he will only start two games in 2021, but he already showed his fantasy potential in his first NFL game against Arizona. During that game, he passed for 192 yards and added 89 yards on the ground on 16 carries. He was stopped inches shy of the end zone on a fourth-down play and would have scored 20.6 fantasy points.

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Njoku could be a breakout WR for Deshaun Watson.

A former first-round pick, Njoku has been playing for the Browns for the last five years. He is still a relative youngster at the position, with most TEs not reaching their prime until their late 20s. However, if he continues to improve, he has shown enough promise to become a top-five fantasy wide receiver. As a result, he could be a breakout WR for Deshaun Watson in 2022.

While Njoku is still a raw prospect, his athleticism and physical tools are well suited for a pro football career. He redshirted his first year and only played meaningful snaps in the final two seasons. He played one season as a TE before entering the NFL Draft. That was a significant step up for Njoku, who has the potential to catch more than 60 passes for seven hundred yards in his career.

Kenneth Walker could be a top fantasy RB in 2022

Many analysts compare Kenneth Walker to Nick Chubb in terms of size and style of running. He doesn’t get much work in the receiving game, but he has a similar physical profile. He should play a bigger role in the rushing attack as a rookie. With his size and ability, Walker should be one of the first RBs was chosen in the 2022 NFL Draft. It’s also a good bet he’ll be taken in the second or third round. Who knows, he may be the first RB selected in the draft.

The upside is immense for Walker, who can do everything a team wants him to do in the run game. Walker has the power and elusiveness to make big plays, as well as strong vision and agility. He has a great college track record, averaging more than five yards per carrying in each concept. That means he can adapt to any offensive scheme and thrive. However, the question is whether he can get there in time.

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