The Top 7 Worst Football Injuries Of All Time That Will Shock You

The Top 7 Worst Football Injuries Of All Time That Will Shock You

Have you ever thought about what could possibly be the worst soccer injury in history? Has there ever been a worse leg break, a worse head injury, or a worse dislocation?

Perhaps there is no such thing as the worst soccer injury that has ever occurred, but in this section, we will tell you about some of the worst ones that have ever occurred.

Unfortunately, injury in the realm of football is something that can neither be managed nor avoided, which is unfortunate.

In a heated game, it’s inevitable that something like this will go place. The severity of some football injuries, on the other hand, is such that they could be considered among the worst football injuries of all time..

People may not agree with what we say here – everyone has their own point of view – but the examples we provide here are among the worst football injuries ever, if not the worst football injuries in history, according to our estimates.


Here are The Top 7 most severe soccer injuries, as well as the players that sustained them

Let’s take a look at some of the worst football injuries that have ever occurred. Do these deserve to be referred to as the worst football injuries in history? You tell us what to do!

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1. Eduardo Da Silva

While playing for Arsenal in a match against Birmingham City in February 2008, Eduardo Da Silva was subjected to a horrific tackle by Birmingham City defender Martin Taylor.

Accordingly, Da Silva suffered a broken left fibula and dislocated left ankle as a result of the incident. Before he could return to the Arsenal first-team, he needed over a year to recover from his injury.

2. David Busst

Coventry defender David Busst was seriously injured during an April 1996 encounter at Old Trafford after he collided with Manchester United defender Denis Irwin. The bone of his leg penetrated the flesh and blood stained the ground around him.

He had shattered both his tibia and fibula, and he would be unable to return to professional football. Perhaps an injury that prevents you from participating in professional football is the cause.

What is the worst soccer injury that has ever occurred? What are your thoughts?

3. Kieron Dyer

When West Ham United played Bristol Rovers in the Carling Cup in August 2007, Keiron Dyer sustained a double leg fracture that required surgery. Dyer was stretchered off with his right leg fractured in two places below the knee as a result of a challenge by Rovers left winger Joe Jacobson. He was transported to the hospital shortly following the incident.

Alan Curbishley, the manager of West Ham United at the time, said Jacobson’s challenge was “reckless.” According to Curbishley, “I believe the Bristol Rovers player must have been really disappointed with his tackle.” “As far as I can tell, he has reacted angrily after losing the ball and has placed Kieron in an awkward position. We are absolutely grieved by Dyer’s passing. I just don’t know how to put it into words. After then, the game didn’t matter anymore.”

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4. Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti, the captain of the Juventus team, suffered a catastrophic leg injury on February 19, 2006, while playing against Empoli. In the 12th minute, Totti suffered a twisted left ankle as a result of a hard tackle by an opponent and had to be helped off the field on a stretcher.

With a fractured fibula and strained ankle ligaments, according to initial reports from club officials, he would be out for perhaps two months at the very least. Totti was operated on by a prominent Italian orthopedic surgeon the same night he was admitted.

5. Jacob Olesen

The Viborg striker Jacob Olesen suffered a serious dislocation of his left ankle during a match in October 2006, which forced him to miss the next six months of action.

The photo above depicts the instant he recognizes that his left foot is pointing west instead of east. Ouch!

6. Ewald Lienen

Norbert Siegmann split the inside of Ewald Lienen’s thigh open with his studs during a match against Werder Bremen on August 14, 1981, resulting in an open deep incision measuring 25 cm in length, exposing his muscles and femur.

Lienen was taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

Despite his injured leg, Lienen chased after Werder Bremen coach Otto Rehhagel, whom he accused of inciting Siegmann to play rough. Lienen claimed that Rehhagel had incited Siegmann to play rough.

Despite the fact that she had 23 stitches in her wound, Lienen returned to practice after only 17 days. Perhaps the worst soccer injury of all time in terms of open-wound injuries is this one.

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What are your thoughts?

7. Henrik Larsson

The injury occurred during Celtic’s 1–0 loss to Lyon in a UEFA Cup fixture on October 21, 1999, when Larsson was involved in a challenge with Serge Blanc and suffered a career-threatening fracture in his leg in two places.

He was out for eight months as a result of the injury, but he returned to the field on the final day of the 1999/2000 season.

According to the initial reports, Larsson had suffered a compound leg fracture, which would ordinarily result in an even longer absence from the game, if not the end of his professional career. However, X-rays quickly indicated that the injury was not as serious as initially believed.

After winning possession of the ball along the right-wing, Cisse was pushed off his feet by a defending player in the 10th minute.

He collapsed and his right leg twisted under him, buckled above the ankle, and he was unconscious. He was taken away on a stretcher and received treatment on his right leg for a number of minutes before being transported to a local medical center for treatment.



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