Why was Real Madrid Vs Liverpool Game Delayed?-Sportsglob


Why was Real Madrid Vs Liverpool Game Delayed?-Sportsglob

Why was the Real Madrid vs Liverpool game delayed








After the delay, fans were left wondering what caused the delay. The announcers at the stadium blamed the late fans, and the official social media accounts for UEFA have cited security concerns. But reports suggest that only 50% of the fans had already arrived at the stadium by the time the football game began to be postponed. A large number of seats were empty inside sections such as the Liverpool section. In the meantime, kickoff was extended by about 15 minutes. The players had to be out for warm-ups, which left people confused about what was happening.

Security concerns

The Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool was postponed on Saturday night due to security concerns. Certain fans were denied access to the stadium. There is footage of some fans trying to climb the fence surrounding the stadium and sprint over officials. Fans were spray-sprayed. The game was extended by about 30 minutes. Thankfully, nobody was injured. However, it was clear that the chaos created by security problems was unavoidable.

UEFA has delayed the Real Madrid vs. Liverpool game by 35 minutes past the scheduled time of start because of security issues. UEFA stated that it sympathized with the supporters but needed to act to prevent any future harm in the arena. The organization said it would examine this situation in conjunction with French authorities who took over the stadium’s hosting duties late in February. UEFA apologized to the French authorities for the delays.

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Problems with crowd control

The Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool was marked by rioting as well as a myriad of crowd-control problems. There were hundreds of Liverpool fans who were unable to get into the stadium on time to watch the game. A riot police force were seen spraying tear gas at Liverpool supporters and attempting to get fans out of the stadium. Fans were escorted away and the 40,000 Liverpool supporters were stranded outside the stadium. It was postponed by thirty minutes, and officers were accused by the media of applying tear gas to children as well as hindering photographers from covering the match. The result was that Liverpool lost to Real Madrid 1-0 in the Champions League 2022 final.

The riots started after the stadium’s gates were closed and thousands of Liverpool supporters were packed into a smaller space. Police were stationed at Gate A and Gate Y, and traffic was slowed as security checkpoints were conducted. The police then engaged in the use of a kettling device and made fans traverse narrow roads. This meant that lots of Liverpool fans were forced to walk across the two-person pavement.

Crowd-control issues at the Stade de France

UEFA apologized to fans for the delay caused by problems with crowd control during the conclusion of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Liverpool. This year’s Champions League final was delayed by over 30 minutes because of problems with fake tickets. The French police utilized pepper spray and tear gas to disperse crowds. The incident has made fans furious and upset, and the match has been postponed until the end of next year.

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The Champions League final has been delayed for a third time following problems with crowd control at the Stade de France, which caused an extended delay of 36 minutes. The fans were made to wait in a tense and long line prior to the game. Police were accused of using excessive force in the fan area as they walked into the packed stadium and using truncheons and sabers to disperse the crowd.

Turnstiles are blocked by fake tickets.

The UEFA tournament has been marred due to the blockage of turnstiles in the Real Madrid vs Liverpool match in France. There were a lot of fake tickets sold and fans were unable to access the stadium due to security reasons. UEFA as well as French authorities are currently examining the situation. The club hasn’t identified the person who is responsible for the issue. Officials have said that they’re “sympathetic” to those affected by the problem and are trying to find those who are responsible.

The UEFA statement states that “we will review the situation urgently.” In the meantime, Liverpool has asked for an official investigation into the matter. Real Madrid’s statement will be issued later in the day. In the meantime, the French police issued a tweet: “Do not force your way through the turnstiles.”

Turnstiles are blocked by thousands of fans.

Many supporters of Liverpool and other clubs blocked the turnstiles of Wembley Stadium on Sunday evening and delayed the start of the Champions League final by 37 minutes. The police employed batons and tear gas to disperse the fans. They blamed the people who didn’t have tickets but failed to find the culprits. Fans climbed over fences in front of the stadium and ran through security, creating chaos. A few fans fought with security while others climbed up fences and barged into the area.

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Security issues at the stadium led some fans to leave. During the match families of Liverpool player, Joel Matip was reportedly forced to leave the stadium as were others. Journalists with press passes were warned to remove their videos and risk being banned. In some instances, they were found with media personnel. This is a tragedy for both teams, and will definitely improve security for the future European Cup.



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